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Recycling Specifications On Rental Dumpsters

To ensure maximum recycling of construction waste on your project, include a specification stating your desired percentage of waste recycled. We have an average of 72% when it comes to materials recycled. However, with correct source separation your project can achieve up to, and possibly over, 75%. This 75% meets many building guidelines, and will help you achieve 2 points in the LEEDs Green building Rating System. 50% allows 1 point toward LEED. No other company in the Minneapolis dumpster rental business recycles as much material as we do, and because of this we can help you achieve whatever LEED goals your project has set forth. Select desired specification to download a pdf document.


pdf2Section 01 74 20 Commentary (Word doc)

Short Form Spec:

pdf2Atomic's Short Form Spec (Word doc)

50% Recycled:

50% of debris recycled (pdf format)
(meets LEEDguidelines to achieve 1 point)

pdf250% of debris recycled (Word Format)
(meets LEED guidelines to achieve 1 point)

75% Recycled:

pdf2 75% of debris recycled (pdf format)
(meets State of Minnesota B3 guildelines as well as
LEED guidelines to receive 2 points)

pdf2 75% of debris recycled (Word Format)
(meets State of Minnesota B3 guildelines as well as
LEED guidelines to receive 2 points)

Click here to download Adobe® Reader® if you cannot open the pdf file.


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