Minneapolis Dumpster Rental

When it comes to choosing a dumpster company in Minneapolis, you need to know that most household and construction debris is recyclable. However, even though the debris is recyclable, most construction waste dumpsters head straight to a landfill.

This is why landfills are growing each and every day. We at Atomic Recycling, on the other hand, are working hard to decrease landfills in our great state of Minnesota. With Atomic Recycling your dumpster will be taken straight to our recycling facility. We’ll separate out all recyclable materials – an average of 72% of each load.

It doesn’t cost any more than a regular dumpster. So why not improve the environment while you’re improving your home?

We are committed to providing excellent service, including:
Prompt delivery & pickup
Recycling of all possible materials
• Experienced, professional drivers


Use this site to guide you through the rental process as well as help you choose the container size that’s right for your project. So you can move on to more important things, like that shag carpeting.



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Rental Disclaimer:
The term “rental” used throughout this site is defined to be a purchase order agreement between the customer and Atomic Recycling. The contractual agreement with Atomic is not a true rental, as defined by law, but rather a purchase order for the temporary use of a piece of equipment owned wholly by Atomic Recycling. Please see contract for terms and conditions.