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How We recycle with Dumpsters

72% Average Recycling Rate in 2009
*Source: MPCA Reporting for Broadway Resource Recovery, our affiliated company

Send us your waste and it will be recycled at the highest recovery rate in Minneapolis. No one recycles more tons of debris or more types of materials. When you order one of our Minneapolis rental dumpsters, we immediately take it to our recycling facility when you are finished with it. Our sorting and processing equipment allows us to separate all categories and sizes of materials, from large wood pallets to the 2-inch minus materials at the bottom of the dumpster. And we are continually searching for new markets to expand the list of materials recycled in Minnesota.

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The Search For Emerging Markets.
Our ability to recycle materials is dependent upon finding markets for them. For example, gypsum wallboard is recyclable on the east coast, but currently not in Minnesota.



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