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72% Average Recycling Rate in 2009
*Source: MPCA Reporting for Broadway Resource Recovery, our affiliated company

Recycling PercentagesDespite an emphasis on green building practices, many Minneapolis area projects have poor construction waste management. In fact, in 2009, only 18% of construction and demolition waste was recovered in Minnesota*. Compare that number to our average of 72 percent, and you can clearly see which Minneapolis dumpster business cares for Minnesota.

We recycle more material than all of our competition combined.
Put your construction and demolition debris in an Atomic Recycling roll off dumpster and it will be recycled at the highest percentage in Minneapolis. From an aluminum can to a grain of mason sand to the web of a broken CMU; at Atomic Recycling, technology and commitment come together to achieve unparalleled recovery rates. We know, and can prove this, through public records of MPCA reports filed yearly. Our state-of-the-art sorting and screening equipment allows us to separate wood, concrete, 2” minus material, and many other materials. You can count on our recycle percent to stay the highest, because we have the most advanced sorting equipment available, and are continually searching and networking with people to find new avenues for debris that doesn’t have an established recycle market yet.

*Source: 2009 SWMCB Report




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