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Dumpster Rental sizes

We offer many dumpster sizes for the Minneapolis area. This guide can help you decide which size is right for your project. All of our roll off dumpsters are 8’ wide; the variables are length and height (consider that you’ll have to heft your materials over the side of most of these.) If you have any questions about our Minneapolis dumpster rental service or a project that isn’t outlined on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: The roll-off truck is very heavy, so please understand that there could be surface damage to soft or unstable surfaces.

Dumpster 1

A. 8’ x 10’ x 4' (10 Cubic Yards)
Great for small DIY remodeling projects, decking materials or spring clean-outs.
Holds 30 square yards of single-layer roofing.
Fits sideways along a 2-car city garage or on a long driveway.


B. 8’ x 20’ x 4' (20 Cubic Yards)
Now you’re getting serious. This size is great for major demolition/remodeling projects, cleaning out Grandma’s house, or multi-family cleanup weekends.
Holds 60 square yards of single-layer roofing.
In the city, this one almost always has to sit in the street.



C. 8’ x 20’ x 6' (30 Cubic Yards)
You can walk into this one. Most people choose it for a small addition or major remodeling project.
Holds 90 square yards of single-layer roofing.



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Rental Disclaimer:
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