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We document all recycling and construction waste management services we provide with our dumpster service. In fact, some would say we’re a little obsessive about documentation. That’s because we believe that honest reporting is not just about integrity – it’s also about our environment. When you rent one of our roll off dumpsters in the Minneapolis area, you will receive a complete recycling and waste management report upon request. Atomic provides documentation as proof of our recycle rates to ensure that there is nothing standing between you and your desire to achieve LEED certification. We are governed by the MPCA and must report to this agency our recycle rates.  So when we make a claim, we’ll always back it up with detailed documentation – and make it available to all our clients.

Monthly Documents

Monthly Documentation and Reporting Includes:
• Construction waste and recycling report
• Driver tickets
• Scale tickets
• CD version standard; paper copies upon request



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The term “rental” used throughout this site is defined to be a purchase order agreement between the customer and Atomic Recycling. The contractual agreement with Atomic is not a true rental, as defined by law, but rather a purchase order for the temporary use of a piece of equipment owned wholly by Atomic Recycling. Please see contract for terms and conditions.